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Baltimore's Techie Underbelly

Sharon Paley

Post: Baltimore's Techie Underbelly

Slowly recovering from what many described as their "Super Bowl hangovers," 70 members of Baltimore's innovation community bundled up last night and trekked across the west side of downtown. There, within a few blocks of each other, are a diverse mix of organizations creatively using technology to improve service delivery locally and globally.

Here's a look at what participants were saying as they visited the Tech Crawl sites: 

Catholic Relief Services

Edge Web Hosting

the Bromo Seltzer Tower

University of Maryland Medical Center 

the Everyman Theatre


Thanks all the sites for having us an especially to our partners who helped make the Tech Crawl possible:

Downtown Partnership

Mem Sahib

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development

The Mayor's Office of Information Technology

Baltimore City Police


Sharon Paley

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