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Jason Hardebeck

Jason Hardebeck is’s chief instigator. Follow his thoughts on twitter and his travels via foursquare around greater Baltimore.

Pulling in the same direction

Jason Hardebeck

Anyone who knows me, knows that I live for opportunities to learn new things, work with kickass teams, build things that matter, and push boundaries past the status quo.  The last 2 years have been just that, as we've charted a path towards blue ocean to serve the technology community and our city in ways no one has ever tried before.  It's been immensely gratifying; especially because I'm privileged to work with two of the smartest, most creative, and most caring individuals I've ever met.  (yes, Sharon and Andrew, I'm talking about you). About a month ago, I was having coffee with Elliot Menschik, a partner with Philly's DreamIt Ventures.  Elliot was in town, networking and looking for someone to help run a new Health IT accelerator that DreamIt was bringing to Baltimore, in partnership with Johns Hopkins, the EAGB, and BioHealth Innovation.  As we talked, I began to realize how much we had in common...and as it turns out, not just with Elliot, but with all the DreamIt partners.  They…

The Board Leads from the Front

Jason Hardebeck

Earlier this week, the Board of Directors met for a regularly scheduled board meeting, just as they have done every two months for the past dozen years or so. This meeting was special, however, because it resulted in fundamental changes to's business model and a brand new slate of directors. I am thrilled and gratified by the leadership and support our board has provided as we work to transform the way creates and delivers value, and they demonstrated it in a major way by their actions this week. Here's a summary of what we accomplished: